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  1. This chapter begins just after great calamity left much of the world destroyed, yet there were those who still worshiped idols and continued their evil ways. “The voices of the seven thunders spoke” (Revelation 10:3-4), but we are not allowed to know what was written…just yet. These things that will be are certain, “there will be no more delay” (10:6). In the vision, John is told to “take it and eat it” (10:9), a metaphor perhaps, the words will sound good in the beginning, but once we have consumed it all, “it will turn your stomach sour” (10:9).

    The two witnesses will prophesy for 3-1/2 years, 1260 days, all broadcast live (no doubt).
    [Humor me for a moment as I wander off in Hollywood]. Ultimately, a dedicated channel will capture their words. They will have some special weapons that disintegrate opponents in a flash of fire. No one can kill them while they’re preaching, until one day, “the beast that comes up from the Abyss” attacks and kills them. Instant interviews on all major networks continue while their death is replayed on endless loops. For 3.5 years people have put up with these preachers, now there is silence. Many celebrations ensue, “many will gloat over them and will celebrate by sending each other gifts” (11:10). The drama isn’t over! God will raise them up from the dead, all on international television, all will see, skeptics will flourish, then God will take them “up to heaven in a cloud, while their enemies looked on” (11:12). Surely now the people will repent! But we are not done yet.

    Lord, you created the world from nothing when no one existed, no witnesses. As we dwell on visions of future events, help us to understand as we witness the end of time, the purification of your creation. For these events will be recorded by many and I pray many will come to believe and join us, even though their days of evil darkened hearts before, save them Lord. Help me to keep this perspective and increase my patience and love for this dying world.

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