The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown

Book Cover: Fearless

Author: Eric Blehm

After Easter Sunday at church, instead of taking a nap, I settled down to read this book by Eric Blehm. It's great to read something well written, especially when it seems to portray the essence of someone's life honestly and accurately, with its ugliness, mistakes and victories, but this is a hard story, a real story. I'm looking forward to watching this documentary: video. My advice: read the book. Learn from mistakes, demons that haunt you and move on to the next challenge.

Adam Brown set a new standard for the SEALs, an outfit that already had ridiculous standards. His achievements are a tribute to his relentless search for overcoming past mistakes. Relentless and sometime reckless--there is a difference.

Brown's example as a Christian is one we should all stop and examine. His commitment to Christ was undaunted by the incredibly difficult job he was called to handle. This country, this world, should be glad men like brotherhood of SEALs, those that do the unthinkable in a world where grown people (we call adults) seek to harm others for some delirious delusion of grandeur.

How can you be a Christian and do the things that we do?
Adam's response, how can you do the things we do and not be a Christian.

Adam Brown found his calling in life and when he did, he pursued it with every ounce of energy and strength. Lord, help us all to hear your calling as clearly as Adam heard his and give us the courage to run after it like crazy. Life is way too short.

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