Jesus Predicts His Death

It’s interesting that John tells us about “some Greeks” who worshipped at the festival. These were not Jews, but (according to the NIV Study Bible notes) people who were “attracted to Judaism by its monotheism and morality, but repelled by its nationalism and requirements such as circumcision.” These seems to describe many who want the […]

Healing of blind Bartimaeus and his companion

Though many rebuked the blind men for shouting out to Jesus, they continued and even got louder. Interesting. Bartimaeus and his companion heard the commotion, they knew something unusual was happening and so they asked for clarification and found out that “Jesus of Nazareth is passing by.” This might be the only opportunity they get […]

Jesus Predicts His Death a Third Time

At this point, Jesus is headed to Jerusalem with his disciples and others who are following. Once again, Jesus predicts his arrest, inquisition, death and resurrection. Once again, the disciples are left scratching their heads trying to understand this consistent message from Jesus. Two phrases caught my attention this morning: 1) Jesus took his disciples […]